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Spotlight On Fire Dogs

Today, October 1st, is National Fire Pup Day. Man’s Best Friend has held many different
Cat lying down

Caring For A Deaf Cat

National Deaf Pet Awareness Week starts September 19th, which is this Sunday. This is definitely
Orange and white cat outside

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Do you have a ginger kitty? If so, you might want to give her a

Are Grapes Or Raisins Toxic To Pets

If you’ve ever thought about feeding your dog or cat a grape or raisin, think
White puppy next to food bowl

What You Should Know About Grain-Free Dog Food

Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about grain-free and gluten-free

5 Tips to Keep an Outdoor Cat Healthy

Do you let your feline friend go outside? Perhaps you’ve adopted, or semi-adopted, a local
Dog and Cat

Introducing a Dog to Your Resident Cat

Are you adopting a new dog? Congratulations on your furry new friend! Of course, if

National Dachshund Day

Do you have a Dachshund? Put a pawprint on your calendar: National Dachshund Day is

Jerky Day

June 12th is Jerky Day! It’s also Red Rose Day, World Gin Day, and National
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