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Kitten Cuddles: FAQS About Snuggling With Fluffy
March 15, 2024

March 23 is Cuddly Kitten Day! If you adore our feline pals as much as we do, the mere prospect of snuggling kittens is likely to make you happy. Fluffy is definitely super cuddly! A East Indianapolis, IN veterinarian discusses cuddling kittens in this article.

Are There Advantages to Cuddling Kittens?

Absolutely! Spending time with animals benefits us physically and mentally, and is good for our emotional and mental wellness. Animals have a way of bringing us back to the present. Fluffy isn’t concerned about money or office drama; she simply wants to be close to you. 

As many of you are no doubt aware, cuddling a cat can be really calming. In fact, our feline buddies are often used in therapy. Many kitties seem to instinctively know when someone needs a hug, and are more than willing to oblige.

There are also physical advantages. Cats purr at certain frequencies, often between 25 and 150 Hertz. Interestingly, these vibrations have been found to have therapeutic properties. They are even employed in physical treatment sessions!

Is It Normal For Kittens To Be So Cuddly?

It is definitely pretty common! Baby cats are very fragile and vulnerable. All babies, human and animal, want to feel comfortable, loved, and safe. Kitties frequently see their owners as second parents. Taking time to snuggle with your kitten can make her feel safe and loved.

At What Age Do Kittens Become Less Cuddly?

Many of our feline pals remain cuddly throughout their lives! Fluffy may never outgrow her fondness for cuddling. That being said, she may become a little rowdier throughout her tween and adolescent era, which lasts around from age six to 18 months. At this point, your frisky little pet will behave similarly to a human teenager: she may want to push your boundaries and assert her independence. However, that doesn’t mean your pet won’t enjoy snuggling. It’s not uncommon for kitties to just keep getting more and more snuggly over time.

Can You Make A Kitten Super Cuddly?

That really comes down to trust. You’ll need to teach your pet that she will always be safe with you and that you will never harm her. You don’t want to force attention on a kitten—or any other cat, for that matter. Even if little Fluffy is adorable—as many kittens are—it’s important for them to cuddle on their terms. 

Socialization is also important here. You want your feline pal to become accustomed to and comfortable being carried and handled. Pick her up, pet her, talk to her, and give her toys and snacks. 

Many cats also enjoy sleeping on their humans. Allowing your baby furball to rest on your lap or in your arms can also help her feel affectionate.

Keep in mind that good TLC will go a long way here. Little Fluffy will need nutritious food, veterinary care, a clean litterbox, kitty toys, playtime, and possibly some cat furniture. Small touches, like offering boxes and catnip, will help get that motor running.

Are All Kittens Cuddly?

Not at all! Our feline pals all have their own unique purrsonalities. Some are little cuddlebugs, while others are more aloof. We’ve definitely had plenty of “spicy” kittens in our East Indianapolis, IN animal clinic!

Fluffy’s history also comes into play. If a cat was born stray or feral, she may take longer to adjust to humans and accept cuddles. Kittens that were raised underfoot are often more friendly and trusting than rescues. That being said, rescue kittens are still lovable. Many are hesitant at first, but once they understand humans are safe, they transform into little purring cuddle bugs. In fact, many rescued kitties absolutely adore their owners. Animals know when someone has been kind to them! 

Why Is My Kitten Always Biting And Scratching Me?

Little Fluffy is only following her natural instincts and learning how to use her claws and teeth. Remember that cats are predators in the wild, and they rely on those abilities to survive. 

Kitties are usually not hesitant about trying to exercise their hunting skills on their humans. This may be cute, but it’s also horrible manners. In fact, this behavior has the potential to lead to some quite harmful actions in the future. Those tiny fangs and claws are really sharp!

How Can I Get My Kitten to Quit Attacking Me?

If your little friend bites or scratches you, address the ‘kituation’ right away. Don’t ignore it; it will just make it more difficult to teach your pet appropriate manners down the road. You want to teach your rambunctious kitten to redirect her murderous tendencies to something appropriate, such as a catnip toy.

If little Fluffy bites or scratches you, admonish her verbally. It doesn’t matter what you say: you can say ‘No’, ‘Put your claws away’, ‘Be kind’, or ‘Don’t bite.’ The important thing is to consistently employ the same words or phrases. Also, don’t yell at little Fluffy; that may scare her. 

Next, turn your back on your small friend and walk away. Kitties hate it when people don’t pay attention to them! This should get the point across. If not, you can blow in your furry pal’s face or spray her with water. Clapping your hands might also work. These things will frighten and irritate your feline companion without hurting her. This tactic is gentler and more effective than punishing or frightening your pet, which may simply shock her and make her suspicious of you.

If the behavior continues, reach out to your East Indianapolis, IN veterinarians.

Why Is Socialization Important For Kittens?

Little Fluffy’s personality is heavily influenced by her socialization. You want your cat to grow into a sweet, affectionate kitty. Her early experiences will go a long way toward shaping her purrsonality. Exposing your tiny pet to a variety of individuals and situations will help her feel confident about strangers. Otherwise, she might become wary or even mean as an adult. (Note: With dogs, we also recommend taking little Fido to new places. However, our feline pals really should be kept indoors.)

Ask your friends and family members to come over to pet and play with your tiny companion. (We assume it won’t be difficult to persuade them). Talking to your pet and handling her softly and frequently will also be beneficial.

When Is the Best Time to Pet a Kitten?

There’s no wrong time to cuddle a kitten! You may not want to hold your kitty while cooking, cleaning, or doing anything else, but other than that, whenever you and your pet are together is fine. In fact, the more you cuddle your kitten, the better!

Should I Let My Kitten Sleep In My Bed?

That’s up to you! It’s not a must. That said, kitties adore curling up with their humans at night. In fact, Fluffy will adapt her hectic napping schedule to accommodate yours. For example, if you work nights, she will snooze while you’re out, but still sleep by you in bed. 

Letting your pet sleep in your bed is excellent for bonding. It can also be pretty soothing, although that isn’t exactly guaranteed. While having a purring cat curled up to you is incredibly relaxing, having a kitten nipping at your fingers or pouncing on you in the middle of the night isn’t exactly conducive to restful sleep. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Do you have any questions about your kitten’s health or care? As your local East Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, we are here to assist! Please contact us anytime!