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Rope Toys For Dogs
August 15, 2022

If you go into any pet store and browse the dog toy section, there’s a good chance that you’ll find some braided rope toys. Fido loves playing Tug O War, and it’s cute to watch him plant his paws and tug. However, rope toys are not as safe as you may think. A local vet presents some information on you should be aware of in this article.


The main danger in rope toys is the possibility that Fido will inadvertently shred some of the rope fibers with his teeth while he is playing. If this happens, your canine pal will most likely swallow those pieces. This may not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually extremely dangerous. In fact, swallowing bits of ropes is actually more dangerous for your pooch than swallowing plastic, cotton, or rubber. Long strands of ropes or threads are considered linear objects once they are ingested. These things often cause obstructions in dogs’ digestive systems, which can become life-threatening and may require surgery.  The rope can become partially lodged in the stomach, while the rest could be in the intestines. That could pull your pet’s digestive system together, like a drawstring. Yikes!


Aside from the potential danger of swallowing ropes, there’s also a potential behavioral issue here. Although many dogs just enjoy playing Tug-O-War with their humans—or sometimes with other pups—there are some pooches that just get a bit too involved in these games. This can spark aggressive behavior, which is definitely something you want to avoid. If Fido gets too worked up, he may start growling or acting extremely excited. Take breaks to let your furry pal calm down. You may also want to opt for a different game instead.

Choosing Safe Toys

If your furry pal absolutely loves rope toys, opt for one that is made from natural fibers. Make sure that Fido’s toys are the right size for him, and replace them when they start getting worn out.


Needless to say, rope toys don’t injure every dog that plays with them. While we don’t recommend them, it’s also important to consider Fido’s play and chewing styles, as well as his personality. If your canine buddy loves to chew and eat, well, everything, rope toys should definitely be avoided.

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